LCS Liquid Conditioning Station

Begin filtration and contain contamination before it ever enters your plant to protect your equipment and your bottom line. Built with your convenience in mind and completely customizable for size and fluids, the LCS is a complete contamination solution for hydraulic and lube oil storage and handling.


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Everything you need. Within arms reach.

Your day at work is hard enough. That’s why we’ve built the LCS with your convenience in mind. Everything you need, conveniently placed for maximum accessibility. From start-up to clean up, all of your daily activities come without the need for a ladder.

Say goodbye to cross contamination.

Dedicated pump, filter and plumbing for each tank maintain fluid integrity and allow multiple fluids to be filtered exclusively and simultaneously.

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The best in filtration.

Filter fluids as they are added to and dispensed from the reservoirs. Recirculate fluids inside the reservoirs for a third level of unparalleled fluid cleanliness and unimaginably low ISO Codes. And with DFE rated media options down to β3[C] ≥ 4000 you can be sure contamination stays exactly where you want it: out of your fluid.

Take control of your systems.

The definition of brains and brawn, the control panel on the LCS regulates all the system operations so you can filter and dispense your fluids worry-free. Tucked back and out of the way, once you’re up and running you might as well forget it’s even there.



Size matters.

Packed with as many reservoirs as your heart desires, the LCS is a behemoth with power that can’t be denied. With space for 70 gallons of fluid in each standard reservoir, you can kiss the rows of scattered oil drums goodbye. Or if 70 gallons isn’t enough for you, reservoirs can be sized up to 250 gallons so you’ll have all your fluids clean, dry, and in one place.

Perfectly tailored to fit your needs.

Label designs, symbols and colors are tailored for each fluid to fit your existing safety and identification standards. To take it even further, each filtration system is set up specifically for the type and viscosity of its specific fluid, meaning you get the perfect contamination solutions for each and all of your fluids.



Minimize the mess.

Dual drip pans allow draining spent filters directly within the Workstation, eliminating oily filter transfer and subsequent oil clean-up.

Setting the new standard.

Sampling and preventative maintenance are no longer optional, they’re a necessity. Knowing your fluids are clean is the first step in prolonging the life of your systems and critical components. That’s why every LCS comes standard with easy-to-access sample ports in their proper positions so you can always know you’re putting clean oils into your systems.


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A breath of fresh air.

With built in check valves (0.1 psi, 0.007 bar) to maximize lifespans, Hy-Dry desiccant breathers on each reservoir help remove water contamination from your oils and prevent cross contamination between fluids.

Let there be light.

Integrated LED lights illuminate the Workstation for dispensing fluid, changing elements and reading gages even in poorly lit environments.



Built for industrial use.

Rated to hold 5000 pounds each, the tiered shelves and rock solid frame will handle your plant’s filtration needs without breaking a sweat.

LCSX Add-on Kit.

For applications with existing tanks or for building your own lube room, the LCSX Add-on Kit provides all the filtration of the LCS in a self-contained, drop-in platform perfect for as many units as you desire and expanding on your time.