FSL High Viscosity Filtration Systems

A dedicated contamination solution for bulk oil handling and fluid transfer. Designed to excel in filtering particulate from heavily contaminated oil, the FSL keeps gearbox lubricant clean and equipment running efficiently. Ideal for high viscosity gearbox or lube applications and highly contaminated fuel applications.


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Filtration starts with the filter.

The oversized coreless filter element in every FSL delivers lower ISO Codes over a long element lifespan to ensure low disposal impact, simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint and your bottom line. To top it off, select elements come standard with an integral zero-leak bypass so with every filter change you get a new bypass along with peace of mind.

Weather any condition.

From cold weather to cold starts, the FSL is engineered to easily handle almost any job. Designed to combine incredible capacity and low maintenance, the oversized housing with secure swivel bolts allow for effortless element changes with all the parts kept right where they need to be.


Cleaner fluid + greater reliability.

DFE rated advanced media technologies provide the highest level of particulate capture and retention capabilities so your equipment operates unimpeded by contamination. And with the cast iron gear pump with internal relief, you get the durability you want with the safety you need, all conveniently in one square foot of floor space.

Options to make your job easier.

By selecting the optional filter bypass line, cold starts and element change-outs become easier than ever. Choose the pneumatic powered model or explosion proof option to match your application and even add the optional PM-1 particle monitor for real time cleanliness data without the need for a bottle.


Setting the new standard.

Every FSL comes standard with sample ports in the right locations to arm you with access to consistently accurate system conditions. And with true differential pressure gages, you’ll know exactly how well your filtration is performing.

Completely customizable.

Every FSL can be tailored to meet any application and even to fit your existing safety standards. With the power to filter fluids greater than ISO VG 1500, contamination doesn’t stand a chance.