FSLD High Viscosity Dual Filter Skids

A dedicated contamination solution for off-line conditioning and bulk oil handling. Dual housings allow flexibility in using staged element ratings to achieve remarkably clean fluids and hit target ISO Codes in fewer passes, all while extending filter element and oil life. Ideal for conditioning reclaimed fluids or fluids with high dirt load.


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Dynamic duo.

Combine a number of media options in the dual FSL filter housings to maximize single pass efficiency and achieve lower ISO Codes even faster than you thought possible.

Filtration starts with the filter(s).

The FSLD’s dual oversized coreless filter elements deliver lower ISO Codes over a long element lifespan to ensure low disposal impact, simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint and your bottom line. To top it off, select elements come standard with an integral zero-leak bypass, giving you time back from unnecessary gearbox rebuilds and letting you focus on what really matters.
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Engineered for Industrial use.

Rugged construction and attention to the smallest of details come together remarkably so that nothing holds you or your equipment back. The standard spill retention pan and cast iron pump with internal relief mean you get the power and durability you want with the safety you have to have. To top it off, the standard 3-way inlet valve allows you to add new oil through the filter to stop contamination before it can ever enter your system.

Make your filtration count.

With the optional filter bypass line, cold starts and element change outs become easier than ever. Add to that the PM-1 Particle Monitor for real time cleanliness data and watch your ISO Codes drop like you’d never believe.


Setting the new standard.

Every FSLD comes standard with sample ports in the proper locations to arm you with access to consistently accurate system conditions. And with true differential pressure gages, you’ll always know exactly how well your filtration is performing.

Completely customizable.

Every FSLD can be tailored specifically to your application whether you’re dealing with high viscosities, cold weather, or temperature sensitive components so you get the perfect solution to your contamination problems.