HS Heater Skids

Designed to achieve target ISO Codes and safely heat hydraulic and lube oils, the HS is a fully self-contained heating and filtration solution ideal for service applications, mass fluid transfers, and preheating systems before they come online. Completely customizable for hydraulic fluids and high viscosity lubrication oils up to ISO VG 680.


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More than your standard heater skid.

Whether you’re performing a high velocity flush or preheating your system before it comes online, knowing your fluids are clean is the first step in extending your system and components’ lifespans. HS heater skids come standard with properly positioned sample ports both up and downstream of the filter so you get consistently accurate readings and the knowledge that your system is operating as efficiently as possible.

Rock solid from the ground up.

Standard carbon steel spill retention pans with fork guides provide a sturdy base to contain everything you need together in a single package. Add the 6” caster option for increased mobility or even select options for CE or CUL markings to meet required safety standards.


You can’t beat the heat.

With no direct contact with the heating element, your fluid will safely and quickly get up to temperature without the risk of burning. The programmable temperature control and integral no-flow switch prevent oil damage and allow you to heat your fluids at your own pace. And what’s more: all this comes standard on every HS.

Take control of your systems.

Smart relay enabled controls make the HS series heater skids easy to operate with just the push of a button. Take it one step further and select the optional PLC touch screen and make accessing real time data as easy as using that smartphone of yours.

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Filtration starts with the filter.

Within the housing on every HS is a powerful tool to help you get the most of your system and protect your critical components from particulate erosion. Media options down to β3[C] ≥ 4000 on the oversized filter element deliver lower ISO Codes over longer periods of time, letting you clean your new or in use oil to ensure long gear and bearing life.

Fits like a glove.

Designed and built specifically to meet your system’s needs, HS heater skids can be completely customized so you get the powerful heating and filtration you need for that mass fluid transfer along with all the options you want to make the job easier than ever.