ECR Electrostatic Contamination Removal

Ideal for sub-micron insoluble contamination removal in phosphate ester fluids in turbine EHC systems. 

Remove fine particulates that are below the range of mechanical filters. Standard Electrostatic Oil Cleaner (EOC) systems are ineffective for phosphate ester fluid applications due to fluid conductivity restrictions. The ECR is designed specifically to solve this dilemma.


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Extend your oil life.

ECR™ improves fluid color and drastically reduces solid contamination levels. When used in conjunction with ICB™ for acid and dissolved contamination removal and TMR™-N2 for water removal, comprehensive fluid maintenance is achieved which, when maintained over time, eliminates the need for chemical flushes.

Unique restoration solution.

Pressure induced dieseling and element spark discharge generate sub-micron insoluble carbon based particles that cannot be removed by traditional particulate filtration. The ECR™ combines a high voltage electrostatic field
with a proprietary collector element design to remove the sub-micron particles that are the cause of dark
EHC fluid and high varnish potential values (MPC).
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Comprehensive testing & support.

With typical analysis showing as little as 10% of
the contamination present, specialized testing
is included to document starting contamination levels and demonstrate results.