FSA Phosphate Ester Conditioning Systems

A complete solution for trouble-free EHC operation using phosphate ester fluids. Avoid premature fluid replacement, bleed and feed, and eliminate expensive flushes. FSAPE is the new standard for maintenance of water, acid, ISO Code, resistivity, and removal of gels and deposits that cause servo valve failure.

Ideal for steam turbine EHC fire resistant fluid maintenance.


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Resolve servo valve issues.

FSA skids featuring ICB™ technology will maintain ideal fluid chemistry and cleanliness. Systems will reduce elevated Acid Number and water, increase resistivity and eliminate the cause of fluid gelling and servo valve sticking.

Clean, dry, healthy oil.

Water and phosphate ester together form strong acid which leads to premature fluid replacement. Integrated TMRN2™ Headspace Dehydrators continuously introduce nitrogen through the headspace to simultaneously remove water, O2, CO, H and other high temperature breakdown gases. Maintaining low water levels and eliminating reservoir contact with O2 will proactively manage the rate of fluid breakdown and minimize acid production.
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Minimize acid. Maximize efficiency.

High acid number (AN) in phosphate ester means premature fluid replacement if left unmanaged. Since acid production is autocatalytic, the acid in your system will generate more acid until your fluid becomes unusable. ICB technology can reduce AN to as low as 0.03 with 4-8x the capacity of other acid removal filters.

Remove what others left behind.

Dissolved metal ions in phosphate ester form gels and deposits that accumulate on servo valve nozzles & flappers, resulting in slow servo valve response time, unit trips, and reduced fluid resistivity. ICB removes all dissolved metal, reverses gel and deposit formation, prevents unit trip and restores servo valve response time.
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Extend your oil life, don’t flush it.

Low resistivity in phosphate ester leads to electro-kinetic corrosion between dissimilar metal surfaces and is one of the condemning factors of phosphate ester. In addition to removing acids and dissolved metals, ICB has been shown to significantly increase fluid resistivity to prevent premature fluid replacement, expensive bleed-and-feed routines and unnecessary chemical flushes.

Comprehensive EHC protection.

In addition to FSA we offer these important companion products that eliminate common weak points in EHC fluid maintenance. Dynafuzz stainless steel filters to eliminate the common issues of high pressure filter fiber migration and static discharge, ECR to restore fluid color and to reduce patch weight, and VTM to upgrade existing low pressure filters.
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