FSJL Aeroderivative Jet Lube Oil Conditioning Systems

FSJL fluid conditioning skids are a total solution for managing aeroderivative jet lube oils susceptible to high thermal oxidative stress and coke deposit formation. FSJL prevents and reduces coke deposits that lead to variable geometry failures. Extend useful fluid life by removing the catalysts for oxidation; O2 contact, acid, oxidative coking precursors, dissolved metals, combustible gases, water, and varnish all while maintaining low ISO Codes. Specifically designed for MIL-L-23699 aeroderivative jet lube oils, the FSJL eliminates the contamination that leads to variable geometry failures.

Ideal for maintenance of aeroderivative jet lube oil and hydraulic systems.


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Prevent coking deposits.

Mechanical wear, oil flow restrictions, and increased operating temperature are all caused by coking deposits, the major cause of premature failure in aeroderivative oils. ICB® Ion-Exchange Filter technology removes the oxidation by-products before they can cause additive depletion and coking deposits that form on the turbine rotor, bearings and other wetted surfaces.

Remove acids & dissolved metals.

Aeroderivative turbines often operate at elevated Acid Number (AN) values which attack metal surfaces, adding dissolved metals into the lubricant. ICB® technology removes acids and metals, keeping rates of breakdown at a minimum while eliminating the feedstock that leads to coke formation.

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High efficiency filtration.

The FSJL high efficiency final filter removes particles and insoluble by-products, delivering unimaginably low ISO Codes to extend the life of your mechanical components and bearings. To top it off, every HP107 filter element comes with an integral bypass valve to give you the safety and security you want with the filtration power you need.

Actively manage oxidation.

Normal lubricant reservoirs are vented to atmosphere, the key ingression pathway for water and oxygen which are two major causes of jet lube breakdown. The integrated TMR-N2 headspace dehydrator on every FSJL actively blankets the reservoir with dry nitrogen to remove water, oxygen and combustible gases and greatly reduce the rate of oxidation and extend your fluid’s useful life.

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Full-time (water) extraction.

For applications that require full-time operation of reservoir headspace extraction fans, special option V1 integrates the V1 Compact Vacuum Dehydrator in place of the TMR-N2 to provide a powerhouse water removal option that complements ICB and high efficiency on-board particulate filtration.