FSTO Turbine Oil Varnish Removal Systems

FSTO is the complete oil conditioning solution for turbine and compressor lube oil. FSTO treats both soluble and insoluble forms of oxidation by-products to remove and prevent varnish deposits and deliver guaranteed results.

Utilizing ICB technology, FSTO removes the soluble varnish feedstock, acids and protects the anti-oxidant additive package while VTM high efficiency post filter removes insoluble by-products and will deliver unimaginably low ISO cleanliness codes so you can use your clean, in-service oil longer than ever before. 

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Sized just right.

Not every job calls for a Goliath sized solution. When it comes to small turbine lube oil and compressor reservoirs with contamination problems, the FSTO is sized just right. Sizing and flow rate options mean you get the perfect solution tailored specifically to your systems.

Reverse varnish formation.

Even before MPC values climb, trending acid number can be a leading indicator of trouble ahead. By removing oxidation by-products, FSTO restores the solubility of your oil which in turn chemically removes varnish deposits in your system. The continuous process goes even further by removing the acids from your system on a molecular level, meaning you’re free and clear of varnish and its underlying causes.
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Continuous varnish control.

Combined VTM and ICB technologies continuously remove soluble and insoluble oxidation by-products so that your turbines operate uninhibited by varnish. With the added benefits of increasing the lifespan of AO packages, implementing the FSTO to your filtration regime will make unit trips and unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

ISO Codes: right on target.

The same ultra-high efficiency particulate filter which removes insoluble oxidation by-products doubles up to deliver incredibly low ISO Codes and take the pressure off your on-board bearing lube, pump discharge, and servo filters, giving you an extension on the lifespans of both your oil and your critical components.


Extend your oil life.

FSTO prevents AO additive depletion, removes acids which negatively affect oxidative stability, and can even improve oil demulsibility to greatly extend the useful life of your oil. Every FSTO comes standard with sample ports in the right locations to arm you with access to consistently accurate and best practice samples.

A league of its own.

ICB is used on over 400 turbine and compressor packages achieving over 40 million hours of operating experience. No other product in the market can match track record or experience level. ROI in a Frame 7ea Gas Turbine has been calculated at $170,000 per year on a $8000 average annual investment on lubricant maintenance.