COT Turbine Oil Conditioning Skids

Remove harmful particulate and water contamination and achieve target ISO Codes faster with the COT. 

Ideal for preventing unplanned downtime and premature component failures in turbine lube systems.


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Size matters.

COT optimizes coalesce and separator flow density to rapidly remove gross free water ingress during steam turbine start-up or in the event of a seal leak. High single pass water removal efficiency that keeps up with ingression so your bearings don’t see free or emulsified water.

Filtration starts with the filter(s).

COT combines high efficiency single pass particulate and water removal to ensure that your turbine oil is always in spec, eliminating premature component failures and downtime. With particulate media options down to β3[C] > 4000 and 100% synthetic coalesce/separator elements that remove all free and emulsified water down to saturation point, your turbines will be protected and running more efficiently than ever.


Setting the new standard.

Sampling and preventative maintenance are no longer optional, they’re a necessity. That’s why every COT comes standard with properly positioned sample ports to arm you with access to consistently accurate system conditions and letting you know exactly how well your filtration is performing.

Take control of your systems.

Smart relay and auto water drain make COT a 24/7 unattended, easy-to-operate solution that functions as an in-line contamination barrier for every drop of turbine oil that goes into your turbines. Optional PLC touchscreen enables custom programming so your COT can purify reservoirs on your schedule and even data log ISO Codes and water removal rates so you know your lube is clean and reliable when you’re on and off the clock.


You can’t beat the heat.

With no direct contact with the heating element, your turbine oil will safely and quickly get up to temperature without the risk of burning. The programmable temperature control with integral no-flow switch prevents oil damage and allows you to heat your fluids at your own pace. And what’s more: all this comes standard on every COT.

Built to exceed your expectations.

Flexible dimension and process arrangement are available with every COT so you get the perfect contamination solution for your turbine lubrication system. Even choose from explosion proof models and color coordinate to fit perfectly with your existing safety standards for the ultimate system in turbine oil conditioning.

The COT Process

How it works

Oil from the system entering the COT through a positive displacement gear
pump passes through low watt density heat to achieve the optimum turbine oil temperature for efficient liquid-liquid separation by coalesce, >100°F (38°C). The first stage of oil conditioning is particulate removal by β5[c]>1000 high efficiency glass media element. Next, the oil enters the two stage coalesce vessel where the oil passes through 100% synthetic media coalesce elements. The free and emulsified water coalesces to form larger droplets that overcome the specific gravity of the oil and drop to the bottom of the vessel. Stage two in the coalesce vessel is the separator/post-filter element that functions as a water barrier for emulsified and small droplets of water that have not reached a size large enough to drop of suspension. After passing through the water barrier, the oil passes through a final stage of particulate removal filtration by β2.5[c]>1000 media to achieve even lower operating ISO Codes. The coalesce vessel will achieve single pass water removal from 5000 ppm to <150 ppm under normal operating conditions and oil health. As water collects in the bottom of the coalesce vessel, a specific gravity float reaches a limit indicator that will open the automatic water drain valve and eject the separated water as it is removed to allow for 24/7 continuous operation. When fitted with a totalizing meter on the water drain line, quantity and timing for water removal can be established.
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