TMR-Air Total Moisture Removal Systems

TMR™-Air systems cost effectively remove all 3 forms of water from lubricants and hydraulic fluids through mass transfer which is a highly effective, non-mechanical process. Using TMR™-Air exploits the principle of chemical equilibrium in a gentle, energy efficiency method.


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Remove water: protect your systems.

With TMR™-Air, dry air is generated at the source, providing unlimited capacity to reduce existing moisture in the reservoir and oils. The water is released from the oil to the super dry air. TMR™-Air is a maintenance solution that will maintain water at very low levels (<50 ppm total or in the ideal range between 200~300 ppm for EHC fluids), reducing the rate of lubricant break-down.

Eliminate water at its source.

Free flowing dry air is exhausted out of the breather element, reversing the typical flow configuration of reservoir air and eliminating one of the key ingression points for water and particulate contamination.


Extend your fluid life.

A properly sized TMR™-Air is designed to remove up to 100 ppm of water per day under normal operating conditions to minimize oxidation and fluid breakdown and extend the useful life of your oil while protecting your critical components.