TMR® N2 Water Removal Nitrogen System

TMR®-N2 Water Removal Nitrogen Systems cost-effectively remove all 3 forms of water from lubricants and hydraulic fluids through mass transfer which is a highly effective, non-mechanical process. TMR®-N2 generates a constant flow of high purity N2 which is injected into the head space of the lubricant reservoir to remove and maintain very low water levels.

*TMR® is a registered trademark of EPT CLEAN OIL.


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Control water contamination.

Produced Nitrogen is vented at low flow out the breather element, eliminating the effects atmosphere has on the fluid. TMR®-N2 systems are regulated, intrinsically safe, and have a manually adjusted flow control valve with flow meter.

Clean, dry, healthy oil.

Dry air mass transfer extracts dissolved water from the fluid and since the nitrogen introduced by the TMR®-N2 is an inert gas, it also removes combustible gases (i.e. CO2, C2H2, CO, C2H4, C2H6, CH4, and H2) from the oil to reduce oxidation and fluid breakdown.


Extend your fluid life.

A properly sized TMR®-N2 is designed to remove up to 200 ppm of water per day under normal operating conditions to minimize oxidation and fluid breakdown and extend the useful life of your oil while protecting your critical components.