V1 Compact VUD Vacuum Dehydration Systems

A compact and mobile dehydration and high efficiency filtration solution, the V1 prevent acidity and loss of lubrication properties caused by inefficient dehydration and high ingression. 

Ideal for rapidly removing all forms of water including free, emulsified, and dissolved water and gas from hydraulic and lube oils.

Download the Hy-Pro V1 Compact VUD Vacuum Dehydration Systems Brochure


Different by design.

The V1S is optimized for low headspace clearance for use in marine applications and with the S special option, V1S can remove the water without leaving salt behind to cause problems in thruster, steering and propulsion systems.

Size matters.

With small size comes great power. Utilizing single phase power supplies, V1 models provide the same unmatched water and particulate removal as larger VUDs on a smaller scale with the added benefit of incredible mobility. And with the ability to use single phase connections for power, you’ll have clean, dry fluids anywhere and everywhere you need them.


Results you can see.

Clear covers on the vacuum chamber and condensate collection tank let you see as the V1 removes the water from your oil and collects it in the condensate tank. From there, you can say goodbye as it’s drained and removed from your system, for good.

Integrated intelligence.

The V1 smart relay enabled control panel makes start-up and shut-down operator friendly and safe so that when you press the start button the automatic scripted sequence controls what comes on and when, meaning you don’t need three hands to get it going.


Never stops working.

V1 is a workhorse designed for 24/7 unattended operation. With a dual condensate collection tank design, auto water level sensors and automatic acting drain valves, there is no need to stop to drain water.

Completely, entirely, totally, all inclusive.

When it comes to comprehensive filtration and water removal, the buck stops here. V1 customization takes on many forms such as unique size requirements, combining V1 with other technologies (i.e. FRF acid or turbine lube oil varnish removal), or other customer specific needs.