VUD Vac-U-Dry Vacuum Dehydrators

The optimized balance between heat, vacuum, process design and an easy, user friendly operating system for removal of water and particulate from hydraulic and high viscosity lubricating oils. Equipped with generously sized, high efficiency filtration, the VUD is the ultimate oil purifier.

Keeping fluids clean and dry extends component and bearing life, increases productivity, minimizes downtime and extends useful fluid life. The VUD is ideal for removal of all forms of water, including free, emulsified and dissolved water and gas from hydraulic and lubricating oils.


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Contamination is complicated. Removing it is easy.

With features including viscosity specific dispersal element designs, fin tube low watt density heaters, oversized particulate filter, adjustable recirculation line, auto phase detection and reversal, programmable thermostat, proprietary vacuum chamber level control, foam sensor and auto-drain, VUD is the ultimate contamination removal system.

Results you can see.

Clear covers on the vacuum chamber and condensate collection tanks let you see what is really happening inside the VUD. You will know when you start removing water or when you are almost below saturation point with just a glance.
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Never stops working.

VUD is a workhorse designed for 24/7 unattended operation. With a dual condensate collection tank design, auto water level sensors and automatic drain valves, there is no need to stop to drain water. The oversized condenser and dual condensate collection tanks work together to keep the water out of the vacuum pump.

Integrated intelligence.

The VUD smart relay enabled control panel makes start-up and shut-down safe and operator friendly so that everything is controlled with the simple push of a button. To take
it even further, the optional PLC Touch Screen provides operating controls and data right at your fingertips.


Filtration starts with the filter(s).

Particulate media options down to β3[C] ≥ 4000 and viscosity specific dispersal elements provide you with the best filtration and water removal capabilities in the world, period.

Completely, entirely, totally, all inclusive.

When it comes to comprehensive filtration and water removal, the buck stops here. VUD customization takes on many forms such as unique size requirements, combining VUD with other technologies such as FRF acid or turbine lube oil varnish removal, ATEX electrical standards, all to deliver the perfect oil purification system to meet your exact needs.

VUDs come standard with several vacuum pump options to best suit your application needs. Options C and D offer maximum portability to use your VUD in almost any location. Whether you’re using your VUD to service multiple systems or for service work, you’ll have unmatched filtration everywhere you need it.

C – Dry Seal (Dry Rotary Claw)

Long maintenance interval (10,000 hour synchronizing gear oil change) and great for portability. With excellent corrosion resistance to condensate exposure, this offers our lowest cost of ownership vacuum pump option.


D – Dry Seal (Lubricated Rotary Vane)

500-750 hour maintenance interval (lubricating oil and filter change), excellent for portability, compact size and low weight. The D option vacuum pump offers our lowest initial cost of ownership.


L – Liquid Ring

Ideal for dedicated VUD applications where ambient conditions are hot and humid and portability is not required. Minimum 3 gpm (11 lpm) external process water is required. Maintenance includes maintaining clean process water and balancing compound pressure gauge.

Vac Pump L
Contaminated oil is drawn into the Vac-
U-Dry purifier by a high output vacuum pump. The oil passes through the low watt density heater where heated to optimum temperature for the dehydration process (150°F, 66°C). The oil enters the vacuum chamber passing through specially designed dispersal elements which create a thin film of oil that is exposed to the vacuum. The water is vaporized and then drawn
into the condenser where it liquefies and drains into the condensate tank. The dehydrated oil flows to the bottom of the vacuum chamber and is removed by the discharge pump where it is pumped through the high efficiency particulate filter assembly (βx[c] >1000) and returned to the system. The recirculating line helps the Vac-U-Dry reach optimum temperature in cold start situations and can be used to throttle machine inlet and outlet flow. From here, your oil can either be recirculated for additional temperature and contamination control or returned  to your reservoir or equipment where it will operate more efficiently than ever.
No other technology removes water faster or more safely with less chance of foaming than the Hy-Pro VUD. The graph here represents the estimated time required per model to remove water from 5000 ppm
(0.5%) down to 150 ppm (0.015%) for increasing reservoir sizes.
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Vacuum power that doesn’t suck.

Pulled by the vacuum pump, oil passes through the heater housing and vacuum chamber dispersal elements, providing smooth flow for optimum water removal without foam. The tall vertical vacuum chamber achieves maximum
oil film surface area on the dispersal elements, aided by proprietary variable flow level control, to remove water from your oil incredibly fast with unmatched consistency.

Dispersal elements.

Inside every VUD’s vacuum chamber is the secret to its high efficiency water removal success. Viscosity range specific dispersal elements configured properly means faster water removal without the foaming issues that come with a one size fits all dispersal media for hydraulic and lube oils.


Take control of your system, automatically.

The Inlet Control Valve (N/C Solenoid) automatically
closes when the VUD is not in operation, preventing
the unit from siphoning fluid from a reservoir or
flooding from a positive head inlet situation.

Synced to your system.

Achieve optimum VUD process temperature faster and ease start-up on high viscosity oils, especially when they’re cold. Also ideal for adjusting overall VUD return flow down when using VUD on a small reservoir or gearbox. Simple and effective, the recirculation line adds incredible flexibility to fine tune the VUD to your system.


You can’t beat the heat.

With no direct contact with the heating element, your turbine oil will safely and quickly get up to temperature without the risk of burning. The programmable temperature control with integral no-flow switch prevents oil damage and allows you to heat your fluids at your own pace. And what’s more: all this comes standard on every VUD.