High Pressure Filters

  • PF2 In-Line or Manifold Pressure Filter

    PF2 pressure filter max operating 4000 psi / 207 bar.  Ideal for protecting servo valves and other sensitive components.  Features DFE rated filter elements. 

  • PF4 High Pressure Base Mounted Filter

    PF4 high flow high pressure filter max operating pressure 5000 psi / 350 bar.  Top loading base mount design makes service clean & easy.

  • PFH High Pressure In-Line Filter

    PFH pressure filter max operating 8700 psi / 615 bar available in four sizes to handle applications from actuator valves to high flow pump discharge.  PFH features DFE rated filter elements for lower more stable ISO codes.

  • PFHB Bi-Directional Flow Pressure Filter

    PFHB bi-directional filter with 6200 psi / 450 bar operating pressure filter fluids in both flow directions.  Ideal for protecting large cylinders or hydrostatic loop circuits.

  • PFQ290218V Westinghouse Housing Extension Tube

    Filter housing extension tubes & element upgrades for Westinghouse EHC system hydraulic power unit pump discharge filters (2 per pump).