Spin-On Breathers G8 Dualglass Particulate Breathers and Adapters

Control solid contaminant ingression with high capacity, high efficiency pleated glass elements. Spin-On Breathers combine ease of installation and adaptability to prevent airborne contamination and extend the life of other filters in your system.


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Spin-On Breather

Contamination Prevention 101.

Fluid contamination is the root cause of most hydraulic system failures and while most systems today utilize oil filters, it is not uncommon for airborne contamination to go overlooked altogether. By preventing airborne contamination ingression, Spin-On Breathers help reduce strain on system filters to extend the life of your fluids and protect your critical components.

Plug and play.

With common threaded and bayonet style adapters and numerous media options, Spin-On Breathers are a quick way to replace ineffective filler/breather caps right out of the box.
Spin-On Breathers


Total Systems Cleanliness.

Combining Spin-On Breathers with other Hy-Pro Fluid Contamination Solutions will yield a clean, healthy, and reliable hydraulic or lubrication system.