OA-PE Phosphate Ester Analysis

Maintaining phosphate ester based fluids can be complex. Hy-Pro has solutions that make it easy and the first step in achieving trouble free EHC and high temp hydraulic operations is understanding the condition of your fire resistant fluids.


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Comprehensive analysis

OA-PE is the most comprehensive phosphate ester analysis package currently available. In addition to common metrics such as AN (acid number), water and resistivity, the OA-PE also reports dissolved metals, SAN (strong acid), patch weight, ISO Code and MPC to provide the whole picture of your fluids.

Restoration focused

With phosphate ester there are no sacrificial additives and fluids are typically condemned based on contamination that could be removed. OA-PE arms you with the information you need to avoid premature fluid replacement or a bleed and feed routine and to implement a solution to restore the fluid to normal operating condition.

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OA-PE is an invaluable tool to establish a baseline for condition based recommendations to eliminate servo valve deposits, electro-kinetic corrosion, high acid number, water, low resistivity or black fluid. And once a Hy-Pro contamination solution has been implemented, OA-PE trends your progress toward success and trouble free operation.