OA-TO Turbine Oil Analysis

Hy-Pro offers two levels of analysis for turbine oils to provide insight into system conditions and to help predict and prevent fluid contamination related issues.


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Comprehensive analysis

Newer generation group II based turbine oils typically have an anti-oxidant additive package made up of sacrificial amines and/or phenols that are depleted as oxidation and oil degradation occurs. The RULER (Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine) test compares remaining levels of anti-oxidant additive versus the levels found in new oil to give you the big picture of exactly how your oil is holding up.


ASTM developed standard (ASTM D7843-12) for quantifying the amount of oil degradation by-products in the oil that can lead to the formation of varnish deposits. We recommend monitoring MPC monthly on older fluids that may have depleted anti-oxidant levels and quarterly for new fluids.



OA-TO is an invaluable tool to establish a baseline for condition based recommendations to eliminate servo valve deposits, high acid number, water, or high ISO Codes. And once a Hy-Pro contamination solution has been implemented, OA-TO trends your progress toward success and trouble free operation.