Integrated Sample Port Fittings

Upgrade Existing Lines with Integrated Sample Ports for Best Practice Sampling


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Best practice sampling

Every sample port fitting comes assembled straight from the factory to ensure best practice samples are easier than ever. The fittings are set up to pull fluids directly from the center of flow through the angle cut pitot tube, providing consistently accurate readings.

Easily integrated

Designed to be integrated into existing lines with incredible ease, the Hy-Pro Sample Port Fittings provide access to hydraulic and lube oil sampling where previously thought impossible.



Unmistakably accurate

The down tube on each sample port fitting is laser etched to clearly indicate the position of the angle cut on the tube. Ensuring correct alignment and flow direction is easier than ever and with proper sampling procedure, you’ll be pulling consistently accurate samples every time.

Flange or straight thread options

Accurate and trend-able oil analysis has never been easier. Simply decouple the connection, add in your new fitting and reconnect, then get to work properly trending your fluid cleanliness. And with numerous connection types and sizes, there’s a sample port fitting available for all of your applications.



Add-On kit

For applications with existing ports in place, the Add-On configuration delivers a seamless addition without the need to hassle with plumbing. Configured with the exact length and adapter for your existing pipe and port setup, the Add-On is the easiest way to make proper sampling a part of your maintenance plan.

Sample port options

Sample port valves come in a variety of options to fit your preferences and system requirements. From low pressure ball valves suitable for high viscosity/low pressure lube apps to Minimess® for high pressure hydraulics, you’ll get the perfect solution no matter your application.

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