VTK On-Site Varnish Test Kits

Condition monitoring is critical in staying ahead of lube oil degradation issues. Varnish Test Kits from Hy-Pro provide on-site access to laboratory grade Membrane Patch Colorimetric (MPC) testing as a key piece in predicting potential varnish problems before unit trip or fail-to-start conditions occur, all according to the world recognized ASTM D7843-12 standard for the measurement of insoluble oxidation by-products


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Unmistakably easy.

Specifically calibrated for MPC testing according to ASTM D7843-12, the Spectrophotometer in every VTK provides incredible ease of use in colorimetry testing for your fluids with results displayed right on the screen.

Bring the lab to you.

VTKs put the same equipment used in labs around the world directly at your disposal to give you access to the most accurate varnish potential testing and trending. Everything you need to properly prepare and analyze a filter patch for varnish potential comes included.
EPT Clean Oil

Patch Kit

Results before your eyes.

Testing in-house provides the fastest results to understand the status of your fluid. With varnish removal filtration from Hy-Pro and VTK on-site testing, you’ll be amazed as your fluids become cleaner sample after sample.