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Upcoming Distributor Training for Hy-Pro Authorized Distributors

By Curtis Skinner on Wed, Feb. 09, 2022

We have all been thankful for using technology to keep working productively. Whether stepping up our email game, working our phones like never before, or using webinars for everything from sales calls, to training, we have found ways to adapt to difficult circumstances. The last two years have been challenging, and working remotely has been critical to our ability to keep moving forward.

Technology can only go so far, however. We’ve all experienced various frustrations with trying to learn remotely. The distractions of being home or at the office while learning new material have become far too familiar. We all have experienced the difficulties of asking the right question at the right time while being unable to “read” the presenter. Finally, something that wasn’t so obvious was the inability to interact with the other students.

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