FSLCOD Diesel Filtration Systems

Remove water and particulate to extend fuel injector life and increase combustion engine fuel efficiency.

Ideal for permanent installation on-board sea vessels and diesel applications requiring compact size restrictions.


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Remove contaminants, protect equipment.

FSLCOD combines high efficiency single pass particulate and water removal to ensure that your fuel is always in spec, eliminating premature injector failures and downtime.

Elements that go beyond industry standard.

With DFE rated particulate filters and 100% synthetic coalesce/separator elements that remove all free and emulsified water down to 50 ppm, your fuel rail and high pressure injectors will be protected and running more efficiently than ever.
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Small has never been bigger.

Coming in at only 1 ft2 (30 cm2) of floor space and 34” (86 cm) tall, the FSLCOD is engineered to provide maximum efficiency in minimal space.

Smarter filtration.

Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, FSLCODs with auto water drain technologies, available electrically or mechanically powered, provide you with the safety and security to know your diesel is clean and dry even when you’re off the clock.

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Increase fuel efficiency, lower emissions.

Cleaner fuel runs more efficiently and with lower emissions, yielding better injector performance and life and leading to lower fuel usage, translating to bottom line profitability and a drastically lower environmental footprint. Monitor your fuels’ condition with properly positioned sample ports before the pre-filter and after the coalesce stage and always know how your filtration is performing.

No detail overlooked.

From the cast iron gear pump with internal relief to the space saving design, every component of the FSLCOD is designed to provide you with the highest quality filtration and integrate seamlessly into your systems. So whether you’ve got a single vessel or an entire fleet, you can rest assured that your diesel is clean and dry.