CFU Compact Filter Unit

Bigger isn’t always better. The Compact Filter Unit provides you with the best filtration at a size you can take anywhere. Tried and true, the CFU is the ultimate filtration system in power and mobility.

And with easy to change Spin-On elements or heavy duty MF3s, you can rest easy knowing your filtration will always exceed your expectations.

Download the Hy-Pro CFU Compact Filter Unit Brochure


Small size, huge results.

Designed specifically for limited space operations, the CFU maximizes power in a minimal package. Use the ergonomic handle to hoist the CFU to provide filtration directly within turbine nacelles or filter straight from the barrel to take out contaminants before they can ever reach your equipment.

The first stage of success.

Staged filtration allows a range of media selections for particulate and water removal to deliver ISO Codes right on target. Choose from six element configurations to get the perfect CFU for your toughest contamination problems.



Media Matters.

DFE rated filter elements stay true to efficiency ratings and ensure the highest level of particulate capture and retention capabilities. And with media options down to β3[C] ≥ 4000 you can be sure contamination stays exactly where you want it: out of your fluid.

Redefines standard filtration.

Knowledge of your system is the ultimate tool in the fight against contamination. With upstream and downstream sample ports located on every machine, the standard CFUs are anything but standard.



Different by design.

Built from lightweight aluminum and engineered for portability, the CFU is perfectly designed to filter new fluids during transfer and top-off bulk oil before use. For fluids already in service, use the CFU to flush them through the high efficiency elements for unparalleled levels of fluid cleanliness.

Completely customizable.

Every CFU can be specifically tailored to the job at hand so you get the perfect solution to suit your needs. With a variety of flow rates and power options, even the ability to color coordinate each CFU to your existing safety standards, the possibilities are endless for what you can do with the CFU.

CFU_Multicolor-Group_1 copy.jpg