FSW Wall Mounted Filtration Systems

A compact, dedicated off-line contamination solution ideal for small reservoirs, gearboxes and diesel engine crankcase conditioning. Element media options for every application including particulate removal, water absorption, varnish and acid removal. Compact and compatible, the FSW is the perfect off-line filtration system for removing contamination from your systems and making sure they remain in peak operating condition.


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User friendly on a whole new scale.

With everything you need together in one tiny little package, FSW service and operation couldn’t be easier. From the top loading housing to sample ports, the FSW is built to match powerful filtration with your convenience. And with the no-tools-required swing bolt enclosure, worrying about lost parts during service becomes a thing of the past.

Elements that go beyond industry standard.

DFE rated advanced media technologies provide the highest level of particulate capture and retention capabilities so your equipment operates unimpeded by contamination. With media options down to β1[C] > 4000 + water absorption and integral element bypass valves, you get the perfect element for your application, every time.


ICB Advanced Resin Technologies.

ICB canisters treat your oil on a molecular level removing acids, soluble oxidation by-products (varnish), dissolved metals, and extending useful fluid life by protecting AO additives or improving FRF resistivity. Let us help you pick the right ICB media for your turbine & compressor lube oil varnish challenges or to help you achieve trouble free phosphate ester maintenance.

AW oils, say goodbye to varnish.

FSW fitted with VTM media removes insoluble varnish and water while delivering incredibly low ISO Codes. Ideal for plastic injection molding and steel mill hydraulics with sensitive servo controls that fall victim to high temperature related insoluble varnish issues.


Dedicated to your success.

The FSW provides dedicated off-line filtration to help you stay in control of total system cleanliness and prolong the life of your critical components. And with standard sample ports in their proper positions, you'll be able to see just how good it can be running your equipment with clean oil.

Small size, huge results.

FSW provides world class filtration in all the tight spaces where you need it most with a compact wall mount arrangement. Combine FSW with a second LFW modular housing for multiple filtration passes, or to combine ICB and particulate removal technologies in series
for the perfect comprehensive filtration system.