FCLCOT Turbine Oil Conditioning Filter Cart

A mobile solution that maintains turbine lube oil by removing water and particulate contamination that can cause corrosion, fluid breakdown, abrasive wear on components, additive precipitation, reduced lubricity, and dielectric strength loss.

Ideal for turbine lube oil, boiler feed pumps, compressors and others R&O applications.


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Filtration starts with the filter(s).

FCLCOT combines high efficiency single pass particulate and water removal to ensure that your turbine oil is always in spec, eliminating premature component failures and downtime. With particulate media options down to β2.5[C] > 1000 and 100% synthetic coalesce/separator elements that remove all free and emulsified water down to 50 ppm, your turbines will be protected and running more efficiently than ever.

Cleaner fluids: greater efficiency.

Water and particulate contamination in turbine oils can lead to decreased output efficiency, metal etching, fluid breakdown, and abrasive wear in hydraulic components among many other costly issues. With a single pass through the FCLCOT, you’ll not only remove harmful contaminants but increase your uptime and promote the best environment for your turbine to operate efficiently.


Never stops working.

Designed for 24/7 unattended operation, FCLCOTs with auto water drain technologies provide you with the safety and security to know your turbine oil is clean and dry even when you’re off the clock.

Unmatched on the move.

Non-shredding, never flat wheels and easy to maneuver cart design with ergonomic handle mean you get powerful filtration exactly when and where you need it.


Setting the new standard.

Sampling and preventative maintenance are no longer optional, they’re a necessity. That’s why every FCLCOT comes standard with properly positioned sample ports to arm you with access to consistently accurate system conditions and letting you know exactly how well your filtration is performing.

Completely customizable.

Whether you need the heavy duty off-road tires for greater mobility or add one of several inlet strainer options,
each and every FCLCOT can be built specifically to suit your needs. And with options for both convenience and tailoring for specific applications, you’ll be sure to get the perfect solution for all your contamination problems.