PM-1 On-Line ISO Code Particle Monitor

Get fast and accurate ISO cleanliness code readings from your hydraulic and lube oils in real time with the PM-1 Particle Monitor.


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Eliminate the guesswork.

Dedicating PM-1 to hydraulic and lube systems can eliminate the need for bottle sampling and let’s you know how
clean your oil is at all times. PM-1 can be integrated into operating software for constant monitoring and can also be set up to trigger alarms if a system gets too dirty, giving you complete control of your fluids and your systems.

Unmistakably easy.

As the PM-1 analyzes your fluids, the on-screen counts update in real time to show you the ISO cleanliness codes for the 4µ, 6µ, 14µ and 21µ channels in incredible clear and easy to read figures.


Perfectly integrated.

Add the PM-1 to almost any Hy-Pro Filtration System with Special Option code “O” (where applicable) to get real time ISO Codes integrated directly on your filtration and always know exactly how clean your hydraulic and lube oils are.