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Keeping Clean in a Dirty Environment [Case Study]

Fri, Feb. 08, 2013

dirty mining excavator

Mining is a dirty business, as you can imagine, and equipment used to aid in mining efforts is not immune to the filth. Yet it is imperative to keep fluid clean. Not only will it save time and money, it lessens the amount of downtime for repairs, which is always a great goal.

Costly Repairs and Unplanned Downtime for Mine Equipment

A mine using the Hitachi EX2500 excavator was exposed to high-particulate ingression rates. After only 2,255 service hours, it was experiencing premature failure rates. The repairs were severely costly. In addition to going through four variable-displacement piston pumps ($20,000 per exchange), it also suffered through 42 hydraulic hose problems, three swing motors, two drive motors, numerous valve replacements, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Obviously, we're not making light of the situation. The repairs caused unplanned equipment downtime for 39 hours on top of maintenance costs. (Ouch.)

Hy-Pro's Solution for Dirty Environments 

Download our free case study below to review all the details of how Hy-Pro cleaned the mine's fluid, including the steps the mine took to get a successful solution and details on their Total Systems Cleanliness Approach. Additionally, read the mine's total cost of ownership summary and how Hy-Pro saved them lots of money in the process!


Steel Mill Case Study


Written by Aaron Hoeg


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