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Hy-Pro Filtration Helps Paper Mill Achieve 75% Cleaner Oil

Tue, Dec. 05, 2023


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With the help of Hy-Pro Filtration, a U.S. Paper Mill was able to achieve 75% cleaner oil. 

In Hy-Pro's newest case study, a large paper mill was facing high filter expenses and poor oil cleanliness, leading to premature wear and tear on equipment.

The mill's main-bearing lube filter elements were reaching their terminal DP change limit on an average 3-week interval, costing the company over $70,000 in additional filter expenses. In addition, the mill's ISO fluid cleanliness code was 18/15/12, which is twice the particle limit allowed in the system.

Looking for a solution, the mill consulted Hy-Pro hydraulic filtration solutions experts.

As a result, the paper mill was able to reach a 75% reduction in dirt and a 4x longer filter lifespan. The mill now achieves a filter lifespan of 11 weeks, with a 16/14/12 ISO code. This has saved the company $58,000 annually on the cost of filter elements and maintenance hours and helped them achieve their sustainability objectives.

In this case study, we will discuss the following:

•    The challenges the paper mill was facing
•    How Hy-Pro helped them solve these challenges
•    The results they achieved
•    How you can achieve similar results for your business

Click below to read the story, or use the Hy-Pro Information Portal for access. Also check out our newest episode of Factory Side Chat to hear us discuss the Case Study.

  Read the Case Study  

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About Hy-Pro Filtration:

Hy-Pro Filtration offers a wide range of hydraulic filtration solutions that can help you improve the performance of your machinery. Our filter elements are designed to combat dirt, water, and oxidation by-products, so you can keep your systems running at peak performance.

If you're looking for a way to reduce filter expenses, improve oil cleanliness, and extend the life of your equipment, Hy-Pro Filtration can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Written by Brad Bainbridge


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