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Removing Water from Diesel; Hy-Pro's Coalescing Technology

By Brad Bainbridge on Wed, Mar. 25, 2020

In this Video we provide a brief description and demonstration of Hy-Pro's signature coalescing technology found in our FCLCOD and COT model lines.

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[Video] Your Lab Reports Are Probably Wrong -- Here's How To Save Them

By Scott Howard on Tue, Aug. 16, 2016

When looking at a lab report, it is assumed the information on the report is accurate. A certified lab will not usually make an error in the report, but if so, it is obvious and easily fixed. Ever hear the saying "By the time the lab gets the report the error has already been made"? For the most part, this is true. Where people are led off course is believing the particle count on the lab report is the gospel. This is natural, but unfortunately not always the case with a bottle sample unless you already employ the techniques listed in the video below.
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[Video] Water Contamination and Removal Methods

By Scott Howard on Mon, Jun. 02, 2014


Do you know what the 3 different types of water contamination are? What about the 4 methods to remove water from your fluid? Watch our short video for a thorough explanation of each.
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[Video] Proper Bottle Sampling Technique

By Scott Howard on Wed, Feb. 05, 2014

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[Video] How Big is a Micron?

By Brad Bainbridge on Mon, Aug. 26, 2013

If you’ve been following our blog, you probably have a pretty solid understanding of ISO fluid cleanliness codes (if not, click here). You know that ISO codes quantify levels of particulate contamination at three different micron sizes (4μm/6μm/14μm), but how big is a 4μm particle? Watch the video below for a brief explanation of micron size.

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[Video] Decoding ISO Fluid Cleanliness Codes

By Brad Bainbridge on Thu, Jan. 10, 2013

You likely know that there's a direct link between fluid cleanliness and component life-span. But when it comes to ISO cleanliness codes, does it all look like gibberish to you? If you answered "yes," then we can help. Watch the video below for a great primer on ISO Fluid Cleanliness Codes. You can also find the transcript below the video. 

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